22nd June 2017

Vandalia Farmers Market cancelled for June 23

Due to the weather report – 100% rain & flood warnings through Saturday morning – the Vandalia Farmer’s Market for June 23rd has been CANCELLED.

The market will be back June 30th sponsored by Dayton Memorial Park!

All produce tables should be well stocked & it will be fun to have Pet Night in the Park! Thank you and have a great weekend!

22nd June 2017

Civil Service Commission to meet




Thursday, June 29, 4:30 P.M.

The meeting will be held in the Large Conference Room of the Municipal Building, 333 J.E. Bohanan Drive.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the addition of candidates to the Provisional Eligibility List for Police Officer, consider the removal of one candidate from the Provisional Eligibility List for Firefighter/Paramedic/Fire Inspector and certify a new list

 consider the removal of candidates from the Provisional Eligibility Register for Public Safety Specialist


6th June 2017

Vandalia seeking proposals for Feature Pool renovations


 Vandalia Parks and Recreation Department Seeking Proposals for Renovations to Cassel Hills Swimming Pool Feature Pool

The City of Vandalia is seeking proposals for renovations to the Feature Pool at Cassel Hills Swimming Pool located at 1061 Taylorsview Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377.  There are neither existing plans nor specifications for the Feature Pool renovation project.  Proposers are encouraged to look at the information available and develop a proposal they feel will best serve the entire facility, which includes the 10,000 gallon zero depth entry feature pool.  It is important that the proposals are complete and succinct, as a contract will be awarded based on the adjudged value of the proposal.   

The request for proposal is intended to encourage companies to clearly show that they are qualified to provide the necessary equipment, engineering, materials and manpower needed for renovations to the Feature Pool.  Request for Proposal packets are available on the City’s website – www.vandaliaohio.org.  Please direct questions to Mr. Steve Clark, Parks and Recreation Director, via email at sclark@vandaliaohio.org, or by phone at 937-415-2336.  Interested respondents will need to participate in a guided tour of the Cassel Hills Swimming Pool Feature Pool by arranging a date and time for a tour with Director Clark.  The deadline for submitting a proposal will be Thursday, July 6 at 5:00 p.m.

All proposals shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope identified as “CASSEL HILLS SWIMMING POOL FEATURE POOL RENOVATION PROJECT” and MUST HAVE THE FULL NAME AND ADRESS of the proposer on the envelope. 

 The city reserves the right to waive informalities and reject any or all proposals.

For detailed instructions on submitting a proposal, please CLICK HERE.

For photographs of the feature pool, please CLICK HERE.

Jon Crusey

City Manager

30th May 2017

Hotel/Motel Tax Rules and Regulations

The City of Vandalia has changed some aspects of its Hotel/Motel Tax rules and regulations. 

These new regulations go into effect the last day of July, 2017.

For a complete listing of Hotel/Motel Tax rules and regulations, CLICK HERE.

26th May 2017

#HereInVandalia social media campaign kicks off

The City of Vandalia is introducing a fun social media project designed to get Vandalians sharing their experiences in our community. The #HereInVandalia project uses the unique properties of a social media hashtag to create an online community celebrating life “Here in Vandalia.”
“With social media exploding the way it has over the past few years, we’ve been looking for a way to use this amazing technology to promote our great city.” said Jon Crusey, Vandalia city manager. “This project is a way to get our community involved.”
The hashtag is commonly used to help categorize photos submitted to a social media site such as Twitter or Instagram. By using the hashtag in conjunction with a photo, others can search social media sites for that specific hashtag.
“When people use the ‘HereInVandalia’ hashtag, we’ll search social media to post all approved hashtagged photos on one web site,” Crusey explained. “To see the photos with the “HereInVandalia” hashtag, simply go to www.hereinvandalia.com.”
For those who are less computer savvy, the Vandalia website will offer a link for submission of a photo for the campaign. Simply email your photo to rhopkins@vandaliaohio.org for inclusion on the site.
The campaign is designed to give Vandalians, our businesses and visitors the opportunity to share Vandalia stories through pictures.
“To offer extra interest, each week we’ll choose one post to be featured on our web page and its contributor will receive a Vandalia t-shirt,”Crusey said. “The winning photos will also be submitted to the Vandalia Drummer News.”
Another feature of the campaign will be the use of giant portable picture frames that will be available at many Vandalia events.
“Participants can hold up the frame, pose inside it and hashtag their photo to Here In Vandalia,” Crusey explained. “The frame
will be available at larger public events such as the Star-Spangled Celebration and the Air Show Parade.”

11th May 2017

Vandalia consults with Ohio Auditor of State on arts funds question

     The City of Vandalia has turned to the Ohio Auditor of State’s Office for assistance in creating a process to better administer revenues and expenditures in its Cultural Arts and Public Art in Vandalia funds. Earlier this year City staff became aware that its current policies regarding the arts funds might not conform to State regulations, and proactively contacted the Auditor of State’s office for advice.

     “The City currently has two arts funds being held by the Vandalia-Butler Foundation—a fund of the Dayton Foundation,” said Jon Crusey, Vandalia city manager. “We’re looking at how we classify and process expenses and donations related to the Cultural Arts Fund and the Public Art in Vandalia Fund.”

     Both funds were created by Vandalia City Council, and have been the recipients of annual donations by the City, as well as outside contributors. The Vandalia Cultural Arts Endowment Fund was put in place in 2001; the Public Art in Vandalia Program Endowment Fund was created in 2008.

     “The bottom line is that it appears that we may not have been reporting these expenses in a manner that conforms with the State’s strict standards for public funds,” Crusey said. “Our desire to identify and correct any possible errors in our process is why we’ve initiated this review.”

     Based upon a review of the Cultural Arts Fund and Public Art in Vandalia Fund agreements by the City’s Law Director, and upon concurrence from the State Auditor’s Office, it was determined that Cultural Arts Funds are classified as “public funds” held for a public purpose and as such are subject to the strict municipal accounting regulations. The Public Art In Vandalia funds, on the other hand are classified as “private funds” to be used for a public purpose and therefore not subject to the stricter municipal accounting laws and regulations. The distinction between private and public funds lies with the ability of the City to have the fund balance returned to it, and the degree of control over the use of the funds.

     The Vandalia Cultural Arts Program (VCAP) Fund was established to exclusively benefit the City of Vandalia and its residents by providing revenue to support artistic and cultural activities, programs, performances and organizations.  Funds have been used to support organizations and projects such as the Vandalia Youth Theatre; performances in our schools by the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Towne Hall Theatre and the Dayton Opera and the Vandalia Senior Citizens. The fund’s advisory committee, comprised of members who either live or work in Vandalia, considers grant requests and cultural arts projects to support. This fund can be revoked by the City at any time.

     The Public Art in Vandalia (PAIV) Fund was created in 2008 to enhance neighborhoods and urban environments in the City of Vandalia through the installation and maintenance of permanent works of art.  Funds have been used to bring about Chiseled: A Stone Sculpture Symposium, which celebrated Vandalia’s fiftieth anniversary in 2010; Heavy Metal Remix metal sculpture symposium, and various other efforts at Vandalia Art Park. This fund was set up in a manner to assure funding for the program and while the uses of the funds are restricted and limited to the City’s public arts, the principal balance of the fund is not revocable at any time by the City.

     Both funds are held by the Vandalia-Butler Foundation—a fund of the Dayton Foundation, calling into question the classification of the funds, and Vandalia’s obligations regarding the level of its control of the accounts, auditing of the funds and investment of the monies.

     Crusey noted that the Cultural Arts Fund is the only municipally-owned fund on deposit with the Foundation.

     “Once City staff recognized that there might be an issue in the administration of these funds, we reached out to the Auditor of State’s office for assistance,” Crusey explained. “We’re currently working with the auditor to create a process that conforms to the State’s reporting standards.”

     Crusey said that the City of Vandalia took the initiative to resolve this issue because transparency and accountability are of utmost importance.

     “Our Finance Department has received the Ohio Auditor of State Award with Distinction in financial reporting for 26 consecutive years,” Crusey said. “We take our obligation as a steward of public monies very seriously, and want to be sure our policies and procedures follow State guidelines.”

1st May 2017

What streets will be resurfaced in 2017?

Before the end of the summer, seventeen streets and alleys in Vandalia will have a fresh, new look. As a part of the City’s annual street resurfacing program, the roadways will get a new layer of asphalt applied. Four of the streets will also see concrete crews to make any needed repairs. As the project is funded through Vandalia’s Safe and Stable Levy, there will be no assessments made to property owners for any of the work.


Concrete Repairs included
Helke Road (Pool to W. Alkaline Springs)

Kirkwood Drive (Dellsing to Helke)

Buttercup Avenue (Bright to Helke)

Marcellus Drive

Resurfacing only
Alley ‘A’

Alley ‘E’

Alley ‘F’

Poplar Creek Road East

Poplar Creek Road West

Ventnor N. Dixie Drive (Northwoods to Inverness)

Webster Street
(SB Lane: S. of Little York to Park Center)

Webster Street
(NB Lane: Old Webster to RR Crossing)

Old Canal Road

Clubhouse Way

Old Falls Drive (Clubhouse to Falls Entrance)

S. Dixie Drive (National to Library)



3rd April 2017

Spring cleaning? Here’s what you need to know about Vandalia’s trash services.

If you’ve got Spring cleaning on your calendar anytime in the next few weeks, you might appreciate a reminder on how best to discard of the clutter you remove from your home.

Your best bet and the easiest way to get rid of trash is to use your contracted waste hauler, Rumpke.  Rumpke will pick up of extra-large trash items for free, including bulk items such as furniture. Any upholstered item must be wrapped in plastic before being placed at the curb. Homeowners must simply call Rumpke at least 72 hours in advance, 461-0004, to advise what items need to be removed. There is no additional charge for the large trash pickup.

Bulk drop-offs at the City Garage, 97 Clubhouse Way, are available the second Saturday of certain months, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. These drop-offs are limited to limbs, brush and large construction materials. This service is not available in January, February, November or December.

With proof of residency, Vandalia citizens may also drop off any yard waste free of charge at BR Mulch at 620 Ginghamsburg Road during regular business hours. BR Mulch is open 7 days a week. 

Hours –  Mon – Fri   8 – 5

                Sat – 8 – 4

                Sun – 10 – 2

The above hours are valid through the end of June. For more information on BR Mulch, call  667-8288.

For trash-related questions, call 415-2349.

24th March 2017

Vandalia City Council passes ordinance limiting outdoor feeding of animals

     As a result of health, public welfare and safety concerns raised by residents, Vandalia City Council passed an ordinance making it illegal to leave food outdoors for animals under certain circumstances.  The ordinance, passed as an emergency on Monday, March 20, specifically states, “No person shall knowingly or recklessly leave food or any other type of feed outdoors so as to attract animals running at large or wild animals.” Because it was passed as an emergency measure, the law took full effect as of March 20.

     A first violation of the ordinance is a minor misdemeanor. According to David Caldwell, Vandalia prosecutor, a minor misdemeanor is punishable by a fine up to $100.

     An individual’s second violation of the ordinance within a 12-month period will be considered a fourth-degree misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $250 and as many as 30 days in jail.

     “I think it’s important to understand the motivation behind this ordinance,” said Jon Crusey, Vandalia city manager. “We have heard from a number of citizens who tell us their personal safety and quality of life have been compromised as a direct result of neighbors leaving food out for feral cats.”

     Crusey explained that the feed attracts other nuisance animals such as skunks, opossum, raccoons and coyotes.

     “We have citizens who feel it is unsafe for them and/or their small children to be in their own backyards because of the influx of other unwanted animals.”

     Crusey said Council recently met with a citizen who was bitten by a skunk, subsequently enduring a series of shots to guard against rabies. He noted Council members have also heard from residents who reported coyotes in their back yards.

     “This ordinance will be complaint-driven, meaning that the City will rely on those most impacted by reckless feeding to initiate an investigation,” Crusey said.  “The affected residents may be asked to work with staff in providing necessary information regarding the violation.”

     Vandalia residents who wish to file a complaint should call the Department of Engineering Services, 898-3750. City staff will initiate an investigation and explain the process for prosecution of a violation.

     “We hope that those who have been leaving food out now have a better understanding of the impact that feeding can have on their friends and neighbors,” Crusey said. “But we will be ready to investigate any complaints brought to our attention moving forward.”

     The new ordinance stipulates that “the feeding outdoors of one’s own animals shall take place during daylight hours only” and, further, makes it a violation for a person to knowingly or recklessly:

            1)  Leave food or any other type of feed outdoors after daylight hours; or

            2) Leave food or any other type of feed outdoors unattended not in the presence of the owner’s animal; or

            3) Allow animals running at large or wild animals to feed on one’s own property.

     The ordinance makes an exception for the outdoor feeding of birds.

     “We understand that many Vandalians use bird feeders, and enjoy watching the birds feed,” Crusey said. “As long as the bird feeders are not attracting animals at large or wild animals, those who enjoy doing so will be able to continue with the ordinance in effect.”