Focus Vandalia shifts to weekly format

Vandalia’s local television program is changing formats beginning in June. Focus Vandalia, formerly a monthly broadcast, has changed to a weekly format with short segmented programming. 

“We’ve been looking at this change for a while,” said Rich Hopkins, communication manager. “People’s lifestyles have changed, and fewer are devoting large chunks of time to watch a longer format show. 

Under the monthly system, most programs were 15 to 20 minutes in length.  The new programs are 3-5 minutes in length.

“The plan is to release a new program every Monday,” Hopkins said. “We feel this will help us to keep the program more timely while staying true to our mission to continually provide Vandalia citizens with information about activities and events in town.”

The June programs will feature the same program opening, but that will be updated to a fresher look in July.

All of Vandalia’s video archives are accessible on the City’s YouTube channel, which can be accessed by clicking the large blue VIDEOS button  on the City’s website homepage.