Crime Prevention Programs

The Vandalia Division of Police is actively involved in programs, which educate our community on crime prevention. These programs include Neighborhood Watch, Residential and Business Security Surveys and various Safety Talks.

Neighborhood Watch

Image of Neighborhood Watch SignThe City of Vandalia has a very active Neighborhood Watch. Currently there are 18 active Neighborhood Watch groups. The Division holds four citywide Neighborhood Watch meetings during the year. At these meetings various issues of concern are discussed. Also there is usually a speaker present. The speakers are from various groups or companies that are related to crime prevention. The Neighborhood Watch groups stay active throughout the year. They often hold block parties and other activities that show their concern for home and neighborhood safety. If you are interested in joining a Neighborhood Watch group please contact Doug Nagel at the Vandalia Division of Police at 898-5868.

Operation Identification

Image of Electric EngraverThe Crime Prevention Unit strongly encourages the citizens of Vandalia to mark their valuable items and keep a complete and accurate inventory of the items. The inventory should include the value, brand name, model number, serial number and a photograph if possible. We recommend that you mark your valuable items with an electric engraver. The Vandalia Division of Police Crime Prevention Unit will loan an electric engraver to any City of Vandalia resident who requests one. If you would like to borrow an engraver please contact Crime Prevention Officer Holly Estepp.

Residential and Business Security Surveys

If you are worried about the security of your home or business the Crime Prevention Officer can help you. The Crime Prevention Officer can come to your home or business and perform a security survey. These surveys usually last between a half-hour to an hour. The survey will provide you with a starting point to making your home or business more secure. The security surveys cover windows and doors, locking devices, lighting, exterior landscaping. The officer will make recommendations about how to improve security at your home or office. The Crime Prevention Officer works closely with other city departments, to insure that the homeowner or businesses are receiving the best possible information.

Gun Lock Give-Away Program

The Division has issued over 300 free gun locks at various events and to people who came to the police department requesting the locks. Locks are issued at the National Night Out event and during the Vandalia-Butler Chamber of Commerce Community Business Expo. Issuing gun locks has become an important activity for public safety, since the passing of the law that allows conceal carry.

National Night Out

The Vandalia Division of Police and Neighborhood Watch host a “National Night Out Against Crime” in August. National Night Out offers an opportunity for neighbors to united against crime. Some of the activities during National Night Out include child fingerprinting, bike registration and static display of police equipment.

Vandalia Division of Police
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947-898-5868 (non emergency)

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