Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information

How can I obtain information on a defendant or particular case?

A written request can be submitted to the Clerk’s office to obtain a certified copy of the Court’s Entry. If you desire information regarding the disposition of a case without the Court’s Entry, you may contact the Clerk’s office; for court dates, you may contact the Assignment office.

What methods of payment does the Court accept?

In the Traffic and Criminal Divisions, payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit card (containing a Visa or MasterCard logo), on-line, by money order, certified check or cash.  In the Civil Division, payments can be made by money order, certified check, cash, Visa, MasterCard or American Express..

How can I obtain a copy of the Local Rules of the Court?

A copy of the Municipal Court Local Rules is posted on this Web Site, or you may obtain a copy, at no charge, by making your request through the Clerk’s office.

How can I have my record sealed?


An eligible offender pursuant to ORC 2953.31 includes:

    One (1) felony conviction or less

    Two (2) separate misdemeanor convictions

    No more than one (1) felony and one (1) misdemeanor

Certain convictions excluded:

     Convictions for Motor Vehicle Offenses (Note that an OVI conviction and a Driving Under an OVI Suspension count as a prior conviction as well as Drag Racing and Leaving the Scene of an Accident and these violations cannot be sealed)

     Convictions for sexual acts

     Convictions for offenses of violence if misdemeanors of first degree (excluding Riot, Assault, Inciting to Violence and Inducing Panic)

     Convictions where victim was less than eighteen years of age and offense is misdemeanor of first degree (excluding Non-Support).

How and when to file:

     You can file an application to have a record sealed on a misdemeanor conviction one (1) year after the case is finished (finished INCLUDES one year after being discharged from probation, fines and/or costs are paid and restitution paid).  Forms for filing can be obtained at the Clerks Office or here  and must accompany a $50.00 filing fee (no personal checks).  Forms MUST be filed in person and a photo ID must be shown.

     Pursuant to O.R.C. 2953.22, you may be required to be fingerprinted.

General Information:

     Please understand that if your request to have a record sealed is granted by the Judge, there is a period of time before it is officially sealed on your record at the Bureau of Information & Identification.  Also, given the rapid pace of information obtained on the internet, it is still possible for someone to have obtained conviction information prior to the order to seal the record.

DISCLAIMER:  When a court orders a record sealed, it is effective on the date of the order to seal the offcial record and the record of the arresting agency and jail, if applicable.  While a case is pending and until a record is sealed, it is a public record.  While a public record, individuals and private business may download information from court, police, or jail files.  The court order to seal does not undo such dissemination or apply to private businesses that may have downloaded your case information before the sealing. 

THEREFORE, private businesses may still have your case information even after your official record is sealed.  If you become aware of such knowledge, it is your responsibility to notify the holder of the information and request that they comply with the spirit of the sealing law and delete their records.  You should be aware that, under current law, they are not required to do so.

     If you still have questions regarding having a record sealed, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney.

Payment of Fines and Court Costs

Does the Court have pay plans available to make payments on fines and costs?

All court costs are due at the time of your court date or within one week thereof. Fines may be paid by signing a pay agreement. The agreement requires the following:
1. The Court be informed of any change of address;
2. Payments must be made on a timely basis. If for any reason you cannot make a payment, please contact the Court IN PERSON so other arrangements can be made; and
3. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. Cash, money order, certified check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or on-line payments are acceptable forms of payment.

License Suspensions & Driving Privileges

What is an FRA Suspension?

An FRA (Financial Responsibility) Suspension is when one’s driver or commercial license or permit, or nonresident’s operating privilege, has been suspended or revoked pursuant to Chap. 4509 O.R.C., which states that you must have financial responsibility insurance.

How can I obtain a valid operator’s license after a Court imposed license suspension?

A Court suspension could consist of one of the following: imposed by the Judge, mandatory state suspensions for certain traffic offenses, failure to pay fines and costs, or failure to appear. The procedure to obtain a valid license is dependent upon which suspension was imposed. You should contact an attorney or the Clerk’s office depending on the severity of the suspension.

How can I obtain occupational driving privileges on a 12-point License Suspension?

A Petition for occupational driving privileges is available through the Civil Division of the Clerk’s office. The Petition must be filed with a copy of the notice of suspension from the BMV, current proof of insurance and certification that a remedial driving course has been completed. A filing fee of $130.00, payable in cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express is required at the time of filing.

How can I obtain occupational driving privileges on an Administrative License Suspension?

A Petition for occupational driving privileges is available through the Civil Division of the Clerk’s office. The Petition must be filed with current proof of insurance and a filing fee of $130.00, payable in cash or money order.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

How many points are on my driving record?

The number of points accumulated on a person’s driving record can be found by contacting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

How can I contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

The BMV can be reached at (614) 752-7600.

Small Claims Court/Mediation

What is the procedure for filing a Small Claims case?

A Small Claims Petition can be obtained by contacting the Clerk of Courts. To file a Small Claims case you need to have the name and complete address for the person or people you wish to file against. If the territorial jurisdiction of your case is in question, you may verify it with the Clerk’s office. No Small Claims case may be filed for an amount greater than $6,000.00.

Does the Court have a mediation program?

A mediation program is available through Small Claims Court. Petitions for Small Claims are referred to mediation unless one or more of the parties involved are located outside the State of Ohio.


Does the Court offer a diversion program?

A diversion program is available for first time OVI offenders, after being screened by the Probation Department.