Vandalia Water Quality

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With news of a water crisis taking place in Flint, Michigan, we have received a number of inquiries regarding the water quality in Vandalia.

The majority of Vandalia’s water supply comes from the Northern Area Water Authority (NAWA), with the remainder from Montgomery County.

The NAWA treatment process includes the use of orthophosphate, a corrosion inhibitor, for the distribution system.  NAWA performs weekly testing to determine if the water is corrosive or scale forming. The results are indicate the water is neither corrosive or scale forming. 

NAWA also performs lead and copper testing every three years. The testing takes place at 30 collection points at random representative points along the distribution system. The results show that 90% of the sites tested for lead were below detectable levels, meaning there was no lead detected in the water. In the remaining results, tests showed “trace” amounts of lead, which is below six parts per billion. For comparison purposes, the acceptable range is 15 parts per billion. In Flint, reports indicate 90% of the tests showed lead levels at 25 parts per billion.


NAWA and the City of Vandalia place a very high priority on maintaining a clean and safe water supply. The results from all of the testing indicate that the Vandalia water supply is extremely safe.