2018 Copier Bid Questions and Answers

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Q:  Page 10/Service Specifications/Letter B.  Please clarify what ‘quarterly billing and equalization’ means.

A:  The intent of the specification was to allow three months of volume allotments to be billed quarterly as to minimize overage charges.  For example, Jan-Feb-Mar would allow for 60,000 black x 3 months = 180,000 black copies and 16,000 color x 3 months = 48,000 color copies per period.  This would allow overages in January, for example, to balance out with under volume printing in other months.  The lease would still be billed monthly.  Overages would be billed quarterly.

Q:  Can you expand on ‘equalization?’  For example, are you expecting the smaller machines to have the same click rates as the larger machines?

A:  In the past we had a pool of copies that were all overage billed at the same rate.  In that case, yes, the copy count for each machine counted towards the total.  At the end of the quarterly billing, any overages were billed at the same rate regardless of which copier model was used.  Currently all of the copiers, with varying model numbers and locations, all count towards the monthly allotment.  The allotment for the new lease is 60,000 total black copies per month and 16,000 total color copies per month, across the board.

If your company handles overages differently, please specify that in the exceptions or elaborate on the overage billing methodology as part of the bid packet.  The bid specifications were formed primarily around what we had already been doing with our previous lease.

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Q:  For the tri-fold copier option, will you accept a stand alone folding machine/device?

A:  Since this is an exception to the bid, please list it on the Bid Worksheet and explain the reason for the exception.  The exception will be evaluated as part of the overall solution.

Q:  Do you have volume counts for the current printers?


The C454s do about 4,000 b&w and 1500 color per month

The C554s do about the same, except the rec center C554 does about 12,000 b&w and 9,000 color.

The C224s do about 2,000 b&w and 800 color per month.

We currently have 50,000 b&w and 8,000 color in the agreement, but we are looking to increase that to 60k and 16k, respectively.

Q:  Do you know where the copiers will be shipped to?

A:  The shipping location is not known at this time, but according to Prosource, a majority of their copiers go to MARS International, 1239-1251 Mark Street, Elk Grove Village, IL.  I’m not sure about the one from BEC.

Q:  Under copier specifications, the monthly volume seems to have a misprint.  It says “60,0000”.  Does that mean 600,000 or 60,000?

A:  The monthly volume is 60,000.  The bid worksheet has the correct volume listed on Bid Worksheet A, “Black Base Monthly Vol     60,000 min”.


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