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Vandalia City Council restricts delivery of unsolicited written materials

Posted on: August 21st, 2018 by rhopkins No Comments

On Monday, August 20, the Vandalia City Council took action to address a problem we’ve heard about from many citizens.

Council passed an emergency ordinance that sets strict restrictions on where a company or delivery person can leave unsolicited written materials on a property. Depending on the home, a delivery person must leave unsolicited written materials, such as advertising circulars:

(1) On a porch, if one exists, nearest the front door; or 
(2) So that such materials are securely attached to the front door; or 
(3) Through a mail slot on the front door or principal structure, if one exists; or 
(4) Between the exterior front door, if one exists and is unlocked, and the interior front door; or 
(5) Where permitted, in a distribution box located on or adjacent to the premises; or 
(6) Securely attached to a hook or within some other receptacle used for the delivery of non-U.S. Mail packages or materials, attached to the mailbox post for the premises, if it exists; or 
(7) Personally to the owner, occupant, and/or lessee of the premises. 

City Manager Jon Crusey has notified companies involved with delivering these type materials over the past several months and advised them of the new restrictions.

As the measure was passed as an emergency ordinance, it is now in effect.

From this point moving forward, if you receive unwanted written materials in an area of your property other than where this ordinance permits, you are being asked to report these violations to the Vandalia Division of Police, 898-5868.

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