The City of Vandalia, Ohio is governed by a municipal charter, first adopted on April 7, 1959. The charter adopted the Council-Manager form of municipal government.

Council / Mayor

The council consists of six council members and a mayor. All seven members of council are elected on an "at large" non-partisan basis for four-year terms. The mayor, besides being a voting member of council, is its presiding officer. 

The office of mayor is recognized as the ceremonial head of the city and is also given certain specific civil responsibilities. The mayor in Vandalia lacks the power of veto. The current mayor and council members may hold no other positions within the city government.

City Manager

The city manager is the chief executive and administrative officer of the city. The city manager is appointed by a majority vote of council. As such, the city manager is responsible for the enforcement of city ordinances, signs contracts and hires, as well as removes, all other employees of the municipality. 

An individual appointed to this position must become a resident of the city within six months of their appointment. The city manager serves an indefinite term until he or she resigns or is removed by action of the majority of council.