Vandalia Recreation CenterAll memberships provide complete access to the facility's fitness center, aquatic center, gymnasium, and track during regular operating hours. The Vandalia Recreation Center (VRC) offers three price classifications of membership based on residency:

  • Resident- Any person who resides within the corporate limits of the City of Vandalia. Since the city and school district boundaries are not the same, this is not to be confused with being a Vandalia-Butler School District resident. Proof of residency (state-issued photo ID or utility bill and valid ID) is required to qualify for resident rate. VRC staff will confirm residency through Montgomery County.
    • Resident ID- With proper identification, a VRC Resident ID can be obtained free of charge at the VRC Front Desk. We encourage all Vandalia Residents nine years of age and older, who are not members of the VRC, to obtain a Resident ID. The Resident ID will provide quick identification at the VRC and ensure resident rates are applied.
  • Business - Any household that does not reside in the City of Vandalia, but is employed within city corporate limits. Proof of employment must be presented at the time membership is purchased by providing a current pay stub or a letterhead document from your employer.
  • Non-Resident- Any person who does not reside within the corporate limits of the City of Vandalia. While your mailing address may be Vandalia, this does not always qualify you as a City resident.

Membership Categories

  • Family - A married couple or single adult and any children (17 years of age or younger and/or still in high school) residing in the same household and claimed on their most recent federal income tax return. Any child attending a university or college full-time may be included in a family membership with proof of enrollment.
  • Dual - Dual consists of any two people residing in the same household. Both parties must provide proof of residencies such as a valid driver's license, utility bill, or recent tax forms.
  • Adult - Any person, eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • Youth - Any person, ages 5 to17 years of age, or current high school student.
  • Senior Adult - Any adult age 62 or older (for purchase of memberships only).
  • Senior Dual - Senior Dual consists of any two people residing in the same household and must be age 62 or older. Both parties must provide proof of residencies such as a valid driver's license, utility bill, or recent tax forms.

VRC Annual Pass Rates

Annual passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase or renewal. 

Senior Dual$350$415$470
Senior Adult$263$358$414

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

This convenient automatic payment method is taken from your checking or savings account on the 15th of each month.  Your membership automatically renews each year.  A $50 cancellation fee may apply if you cancel your EFT any month with the exception of your membership origination month (anniversary month). If you need to change banking information please view the form (PDF) and submit it to VRC front desk staff.  Cancellation fees can be waived if written documentation of injury, death, relocation, or other life-altering reason is submitted and approved by the Administrative Coordinator. View the online Cancellation Form.

Senior Dual$30$35.25$40
Senior Adult$22.50$30.50$35.25

Three-Month Trial Membership

See if the VRC is right for you with this membership. After the three months, you have the option to covert your three-month membership into an Annual or EFT membership at a discounted rate.

Senior Dual$120$140$160
Senior Adult    $95$120$140


The Vandalia Recreation Center is a Certified Facility for:

  • Active and Fit
  • Forever Fit
  • Optum Fitness Advantage
  • Prime
  • Silver and Fit
  • Silver Sneakers
  • Peer Fit

Insurance Based Membership

If you currently have an insurance-based membership at the Vandalia Recreation Center through Tivity, you will need to complete the renewal form (PDF) each year. The VRC front desk will have copies of these forms, but you can also fill the form out prior to your visit and drop it off at the front desk. Thank you very much for your patronage!! 

Youth Membership Scholarship

The Vandalia Parks and Recreation Department administers a Youth Scholarship Fund for Vandalia-Butler students who may need financial assistance to access programs such as Youth Sports Athletic Leagues, CampRec Summer Camp, and a Youth Membership at the Vandalia Recreation Center.  Click here for more information.