Voters approve aggregation issue. What's next?

Thanks you noteVandalia voters approve aggregation issue

On Tuesday, November 8, Vandalia voters approved two measures authorizing the City to negotiate opt-out electricity and natural gas aggregation. Aggregation gives the City of Vandalia the authority to negotiate on behalf of residents for more favorable natural gas and electricity rates.

Now that aggregation has been approved, what should residents do?

At this point, there is no action required by residents. Once negotiated, residents may opt out and choose their provider based on a comparison of providers at City Council and staff are now reviewing available aggregation programs and possible organizations, and may select an organization to assist with the negotiation for favorable rates with a supplier. 

What are the City's next steps?

On Monday, February 20, 2023, Palmer Energy, on behalf of the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC), will present to Vandalia City Council during the study session. There will be a public hearing for opt-out residential aggregation and opt-out natural gas aggregation during the regular meeting on the same evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. There is a second public hearing scheduled for the Monday, March 6, 2023 City Council meeting. Following the second public hearing, Council will be asked to vote on two separate resolutions, one for residential electric aggregation and the other for residential natural gas aggregation. Those interested can attend the meeting in-person or watch live online. 

Are there any documents regarding the proposal from Miami Valley Communications Council available for review?

Yes. The MVCC Operation and Governance Plans for electric and natural gas are linked at the bottom of this page.  

Who will send me my utility bill?

Your utility bill will continue to come from the same company. Aggregation may change your energy supplier, but your energy distributor will remain the same. The energy distributors for Vandalia are AES Ohio for electricity and CenterPoint Ohio for natural gas.

Am I locked in to the aggregation rates?

No. Whenever the City of Vandalia is able to negotiate aggregated rates for natural gas and electricity, residents will have the opportunity to review the rates and decide if it is advantageous to stay in the group or opt-out. Negotiated rates will be publicized, giving everyone the opportunity to compare those rates with other providers. is a website that makes it easy to compare providers and rates.

Will I save money?

The City of Vandalia hopes to maintain an aggregation program with competitive rates for our residents. It is possible that as a large buying group, residents may be able to get better rates than buying as individuals, but there is no guarantee. One thing that makes the Miami Valley Communications Council program attractive is that we could be joining a group of an estimated 60,000 residences, which may help us to achieve better rates for Vandalia residents.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is automatic for residents. Now that voters have approved aggregation, the City of Vandalia will have the authority to negotiate an opt-out electricity and natural gas aggregation rates on behalf of its residents. 

What if I already have an agreement with a supplier when community aggregation goes into effect?

Your energy agreement will remain in effect until it expires. Whenever the agreement ends, you would then be automatically enrolled in the community aggregation program, unless you opt-out.  You may be able to cancel an existing agreement, however that may require a cancellation fee. 

Questions or Concerns?

Residents who have questions about aggregation may contact the City of Vandalia, (937) 898-5891 or email Assistant City Manager Amber Holloway,  More information may also be found at The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio website.

MVCC Operation and Governance Plan - Electric

MVCC Operation and Governance Plan - Natural Gas