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Vandalia Arts Program – In 2020, The Vandalia Arts Program was formed by combining The Vandalia Cultural Arts Program and The Public Arts in Vandalia Program.  This action combined the activities, programs, and Funds along with the Committee Members to form the Vandalia Arts Council.

This fund as part of the Vandalia-Butler Foundation shall be for the exclusive benefit of the citizens of the City of Vandalia by providing revenue to support artistic and cultural activities, programs, performances, and organizations, including but not limited to, programs that enhance neighborhoods and urban environments in the City through installation and maintenance of permanent or temporary works of art and providing for other related purposes as determined by the Advisory Council.

VAC Annual Events

Annual Vandalia Arts Grant Program

Municipal Building Exhibits

Annual “Art Parked” Sculpture Exhibit at the Vandalia Art Park

Annual “Images” Exhibit at the Vandalia Art Park

Vandalia Art Park – 256 E. Alkaline Springs Rd., Vandalia, Ohio – The Vandalia Art Park serves as an 8-acre walkable art exhibit and adds to the many amenities within the City of Vandalia. This park is joined to the Vandalia-Butler Historical Society grounds by the new Vandalia Rotary Bridge. This regional destination is free to the public and combines art and history. Other activities and art initiatives will complement the park and add to the appreciation of the exhibits on display throughout the year. The 8 leased sculptures join “At Play in Geologic Time” by Matthew Weir, a permanent limestone piece created during Vandalia’s “Chiseled” 2010 Sculpture Symposium, Daddy Long Legs by metal artist Dave Vande Vusse and purchased by PAIV and VCAP in 2015, “Bladerunner” created during Vandalia’s Heavy Metal Remix by Doug Benedict in September of 2016, as well as the park’s entryway Bottlecap Totem crafted by community members in 2020 which replaces the original mosaic totems created by local artists in 2015.  Artist Todd Frahm, Asheville, North Carolina (Bellwether Sculptor from Chiseled 2010) has carved 6 limestone benches which are permanent additions to the park. Two benches were part of a mini-symposium sponsored by VCAP, PAIV and the Ohio Arts Council in 2017. Four individually commissioned benches were added in 2018. In addition to the exhibits, the Vandalia-Butler Foundation partnered with Vandalia Cultural Art, Vandalia Public Art and the City of Vandalia to sponsor the musical instruments for our residents’ outdoor enjoyment.

Click here to see the Vandalia Art Park 2020-21 poster.


Click here to see the Vandalia Art Park 2019-20 Brochure.


Click here to see the Vandalia Art Park 2018-19 Brochure.


Click here to see the Vandalia Art Park 2017 - 18 Brochure


Click here to see the Vandalia Art Park 2016 – 17


Click here to see the Vandalia Art Park 2015 - 16


Vandalia Art Program Grant Application – To be eligible for 2021 grants, artistic endeavors must take place between July 1 of the current year and June 30 of the following year and the sponsoring organization must be non-profit and hold 501c3 tax exempt status or work through a 501c3organization. In awarding grants, the Vandalia Cultural Arts Committee emphasizes the proposed projects’ specific impact on Vandalia.  Sponsoring organizations must be non-profit.  Up to $7,500 will be available for grants for 2021.  Individual grant size will depend on the number of applications. Grant applications are available in the City Manager’s Office at the Vandalia Municipal Building or  by CLICKING HERE.  The deadline for submission of applications is February 26 at 5:00pm.

Grants Awarded


  • $1,000 to Muse Machine Musical Annual Production


  • $800 to Vandalia Youth Theater
  • $500 to Muse Machine Annual Production


  • $3,500 to Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm/Chris Rowlands Mural Project at Demmitt Elementary
    $1,200 to Demmitt Elementary School/Muse Machine Residency
  • $1,000 to Smith Middle School/Muse Machine Residency
  • $800 to Vandalia Youth Theater Annual Production
  • $500 to Brighter Connections Theatre Implementation of Young Adult Program
  • $500 to Muse Machine Musical Annual Musical


  • $3,500 to Aullwood for Artist in Residence at Helke Elementary
  • $1,000 to Vandalia Youth Theater for 2017 Production
  • $500 to Muse Machine for Annual Production
  • $1,00 to Demmitt Elementary School for Muse Machine artist in Residence Program

Vandalia Municipal Building Exhibit – VAC promotes exhibits in the Vandalia Municipal Building Gallery. Artists are invited to submit an application to display for a 30-day or 60-day exhibit. The gallery can accommodate both 2-d and 3-d media.
Click here for application package  

Other items of interest:

2012: Brochure on Vandalia Area Public/Private Art

2011: Vandalia Unveiled–The five sculptures were installed and dedicated in an “art crawl” ceremony with a day of art related activities.  

2010: Vandalia “Chiseled” – Stone Sculpture Symposium took place in Vandalia. This two-week event produced five large permanent sculptures.

Vandalia “Chiseled” a Stone Sculpture Symposium – “Chiseled” Stone Sculpture Symposium took place in September 2010 on the grounds of the Vandalia Recreation Center. Five sculptors worked daily on their projects over a two-week period while the public was invited to come out and watch. The finished pieces have been placed throughout the City.
To view the Chiseled Catalog, click HERE

To donate your time, money, or art to the Vandalia Arts Program call 937-898-5891 or check us out on Facebook at Vandalia Art Community.  To donate to the VB Foundation toward the Vandalia Cultural Arts Fund go to and specify Vandalia Arts Fund.

Other Art & Culture Organizations in the Vandalia area:

Vandalia Youth Theater – Established in 1991, the Vandalia Youth Theater Company is a non-profit educational organization committed to making high-quality live theater accessible, relevant, and memorable for young people throughout the Miami Valley.

Vandalia-Butler Historical Society – The Mission of the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler is to perpetuate the history of the Vandalia-Butler Community and to educate people about the importance of this history. 

Vandalia Senior Center/Sinclair College for Lifelong Learning – Classes are held at the Senior Center with instructors provided by Sinclair Community College. FREE for seniors 60 and older. Registration is required.

Sister Cities of Vandalia– Sister Cities is a non-profit international organization dedicated to fostering global friendship, understanding, and communication, serving the Vandalia Butler Community.

Muse Machine – Muse Machine is a nationally celebrated arts education organization serving more than 76,800 students and their teachers each year throughout central and southwestern Ohio and Kentucky since 1982.

Brighter Connections Theatre | Autism Skills | Dayton, OH – Brighter Connections Theatre works to improve social, behavioral & communication skills of children & youth with autism through therapeutic use of theatre.




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