Cassel Hills Swimming Pool to remain closed in 2020

Over the past week the Governor’s office has released a series of guidelines required for the reopening of certain recreational facilities.
After examining the protocols and associated costs necessary to open and operate Cassel Hills Swimming Pool, we have made the difficult decision to keep the pool closed for 2020.
The State of Ohio is requiring pool operators to adhere to a new set of guidelines to safely operate while slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pool had a maximum capacity of 300 patrons. Using a formula to develop capacity numbers that allow patrons to reasonably maintain social distancing, the main pool area would have a maximum capacity of 69 people, and the kiddie pool would have a maximum capacity of 11.
State mandates require additional staffing to enforce physical distancing, additional staffing to maintain a continuous sanitation schedule, and barriers installed to maintain social distancing in the pool and on the deck.
The mandates would require staffing equal to or more than what is necessary for 300 patrons, with less than a third of that number of paying customers.
For the past several years the pool has operated at a deficit, with the City subsidizing the operation. Over the past two years with no attendance or staffing guidelines in place, the deficit was in the $90,000 range. Given the guidelines in place for the 2020 swim season, the decision was made that the costs to open and operate the pool this year would be prohibitive.
We are still evaluating the potential opening of the indoor pool at the Recreation Center, and hope to have better news to share regarding it’s opening soon.
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