City Manager’s Office

Services Provided by the City Manager’s Office

The City Manager’s Office provides policy direction through the City Council and general management and administrative services through the offices of the city manager, city attorney and assistant city manager.

Mayor and Council: City Council establishes overall goals and objectives for the City through the adoption of policies and by setting priorities for the development and implementation of programs and services.

City Manager: The City Manager’s Office oversees and coordinates all City functions by communicating policies from Council, providing administrative direction and priorities, establishing and maintaining the processes that lead to overall city planning and implementation of goals and objectives.

Assistant City Manager:  The assistant city manager acts on behalf of the city manager in his absence, working closely with him in all aspects of municipal operation. Primarily responsible for planning and economic development, she performs a variety of supervisory, administrative, and professional work in the implementation of community development plans, programs and services.

Assistant to the City Manager: The assistant to the city manager is responsible for all phases of human resources, labor relations, communications, safety, insurance and other administrative services for the city. Responsibilities also include involvement in community relations, economic development and business retention and expansion.

Communication Manager: The communication manager is responsible for producing and distributing information to the citizens of Vandalia. The communication manager writes the “At the Crossroads” newsletter and “Business At The Crossroads” newsletter. The position is also responsible for writing and producing the cable television programs “Focus: Vandalia,” and “Vandalia – By The Way…”, and writing and distributing press releases to the local media.

City Attorney: The city attorney provides legal consultation, litigation, legal approval of documents, legal advice on questions of law and procedures, and written opinions on city-related matters as well as representation on other city matters.

City Manager’s Office 333 James E. Bohanan Drive Vandalia, OH  45337 937-898-5891

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