Development & Engineering Services

The City of Vandalia’s Development & Engineering Services (DES) is staffed by dedicated and highly trained individuals whose goal is to provide our citizens with efficient, honest and courteous service in the most effective manner possible.

The DES staff is responsible for a wide range of activities.  We are staffed with State Certified building and electrical inspectors who handle plan review and inspection of all buildings and structures within the City.  Our City Planner reviews all plans submitted for compliance with the City’s Zoning Code.  We also staff a full time housing inspector to enforce compliance with the City’s Property Maintenance Code.

Our Engineering staff provides review and inspection of all development and public works improvement projects.  Our engineering staff also maintains all mapping and utility records in house in GIS.  We are also responsible for all records of grave ownership and burial records for Poplar Hill Cemetery.  Our staff also administers applications from a variety of funding sources to supplement City funds on applicable projects.

The majority of these activities are either directly or indirectly related to issues affecting public health and safety. We, therefore, take these matters very seriously and do our best to assure compliance with all applicable codes and standards. We do our best to respond to any questions you may have and review materials in a timely manner.  We ask that you submit complete applications and all information required for a review well in advance of your anticipated start date to assure time for thorough review and comments. Items are reviewed on a first come first serve basis to be fair to all of our customers.

We are pleased to be able to provide these services to our residents. Over the years, comments received from our citizens have enabled us to improve our efficiency, provide better services, implement safety improvements, etc. and we welcome any constructive suggestions which you might have.

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Construction Drawings

Building Inspection

All construction projects within the City of Vandalia shall be submitted for plan review prior to the start of construction. Development & Engineering Services has on staff, One Chief Building Official and two full time inspectors to review plans and make inspections to assure compliance with all applicable codes. Additionally, the City contracts with a State Certified Plans Examiner for review of all commercial & multi-family structures.

To help assure that construction can start on schedule; plans for residential construction should be submitted a minimum two weeks before the intended start date and plans for commercial and multi-family projects should be submitted three weeks prior to the anticipated start of construction. Plans are reviewed in the order submitted and, therefore, time for approval of any given set of plans is dependent upon the total number filed for review and the completeness of the plans when filed.

Permits Required for
Residential Construction
Commercial/Multi-Family Construction
Mechanical / HVAC / Gas
Fire Protection

Plan Submittal
Residential – please submit completed permit applications along with 2 site plans and 2 sets of constructions drawings.
Commercial – please submit completed permit applications along with 3 site plans and 3 sets of construction drawings.

Please call 937-898-3750 for any questions or to schedule necessary inspections during the construction process. It is recommended that inspections are scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Interior plumbing permits and inspections are handled by Public Health – Dayton- Montgomery County. Their offices are located at 451 W. 3rd Street in Dayton and they may be contacted at 937-225-4421.


The City of Vandalia’s Engineering Department is responsible for overseeing a wide range of projects for the City.  This includes the design, construction and inspection of public works projects and the inspection and review of all projects public and private.

The Engineering division works in close coordination with the Public Works Department in regard to traffic operation, right of way issues, streets, sidewalks, curbs, pavement management, drainage and utilities.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for creating and maintaining all of our City maps, including zoning, address and utilities.  We work in conjunction with Montgomery County and other jurisdictions in obtaining the most up to date aerial photos of our City and surrounding area.

Engineering is responsible for the following ongoing projects;
Curb and Sidewalk
Drive-way Approaches
Storm Drainage
Street Lighting
Street Resurfacing
Water and Sewer

Engineering is also responsible for providing information on house numbers, lot and plat data, and other service requests from citizens. For questions, please call 937-898-3750.

Property Maintenance

submitacomplaintThe purpose of the Housing/Property Maintenance Code is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the public. All structures, residential and non-residential, and all existing premises require minimum property maintenance standards and sanitary conditions. The City of Vandalia’s Housing Inspector is responsible for providing administration and enforcement on property owners whose existing premises and structures do not comply with these provisions. Additional purposes of the Housing Code are to conserve and protect the value of properties, improve aesthetic aspects of the City of Vandalia and to provide for protection against public nuisances. Non-compliance of code violations, after proper notification, may result in penalties imposed by the courts.

Call us at 937-898-3750 if you have a concern regarding a property maintenance issue.

Development and Engineering Services

(937) 898-3750

Vandalia Municipal Building
333 James E. Bohanan Memorial Drive
Vandalia OH, 45377

Monday – Friday:  8:00am – 5:00pm

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