Permits – Applications – Bonds

   Please go to E-Gov Services to download building/construction permits

All construction projects within the City of Vandalia shall be submitted for plan review prior to the start of construction. Development & Engineering Services employs two full time building inspectors, one full time electrical inspector and one zoning administrator to review plans and make inspections to assure compliance with all applicable codes. Additionally, the City contracts with a state certified plans examiner for review of all commercial & multi-family structures.

To help assure that construction can start on schedule, plans for residential construction should be submitted at least two weeks before the intended start date and plans for commercial and multi-family projects should be submitted three weeks prior to the anticipated start of construction. Plans are reviewed in the order submitted and, therefore, time for approval of any given set of plans is dependent upon the total number filed for review and the correctness of the plans when filed.

Permits Required (Applications can be downloaded from E-Gov Services):

    • Residential Construction
    • Commercial/Multi-Family Construction
  • Electric
  • Mechanical / HVAC / Gas
  • Fire Protection

Plan Submittal:

  • Residential – please submit completed permit applications along with 2 site plans and 2 sets of constructions drawings.
  • Commercial – please contact the office as required submittals vary by project and location.

Please call 937-898-3750 for any questions or to schedule necessary inspections during the construction process. It is recommended that inspections are scheduled 24 hours in advance.Interior plumbing permits and inspections are handled by the Montgomery County Plumbing Department. Their offices are located at 451 W. 3rd Street in Dayton and they may be contacted at 937-225-4421. 

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Permits – Applications – Bonds

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