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Zoning CodeAny change in land use, new construction or signage requires a permit to assure proper compliance with the Zoning Code. Permit applications are submitted along with plans for the proposed project. When a building permit application is submitted, a zoning review is performed automatically. Items which are reviewed by zoning include proposed land uses, building setbacks, off-street parking standards, landscaping and screening, and accessory uses and structures such as, signs, fences, pools, hot tubs, sheds, decks, and patios.

Before beginning a project it is recommended that you first contact our City Planner and review the Zoning Code to understand what is required.

The purpose of the Zoning Code is to promote & protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public through regulation of land use. All properties in the City are broken down into different zoning classifications or districts. Each classification includes a list of permitted uses and a list of uses which require a special approval; these uses are called conditionally permitted uses.

Zoning requests such as Conditional Uses, Zoning Changes, Zoning Code Amendments, and Planned Unit Developments are filed to the City Planner and are reviewed at a public hearing held by the City’s Planning Commission. A recommendation of approval or denial is made by the Planning Commission and then presented to City Council.

Under unique circumstances, when full compliance of the Zoning Code cannot be met, given the particular size, shape or topography of the land, a Variance may be requested by the property owner or property owner’s representative. After an application for a variance is filed with the City Planner, the Board of Zoning Appeals holds a public hearing to review the request and make a recommendation to City Council to either approve or deny the request.

The City Planner acts as a liaison to the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals providing staff review, comments and administrative support.


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