Direct Water Bill Payment

The City of Vandalia is offering a new method for Vandalia residents to pay their monthly utility bills without lifting a finger to write a check or make an online payment. Beginning in March 2007 you will be able to pay your utility bill directly from your bank checking account. This new system will work exactly like the monthly payment option at the Vandalia Recreation Center.

We are currently looking for anyone interested in volunteering for the automatic utility (water) payment program. Attached is the form for you to fill out and return to the Finance Department to get signed up for this new program. We will be running a test of the system the last week of January. The initial test would not charge any amount to your checking account. All the entries would be for $0.00. The automatic deduction from your checking account to pay your utility bill would only occur quarterly (in the month that your regular utility bill is due). The automatic deduction will always occur on the 10th of the month that your bill is due, unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday. In those cases, the deduction will occur on the closest business day to the 10th. This could be as early as the 9th or as late as the 12th.

Thank you for considering our new program and please spread the word to all your friends and family that live in Vandalia. We want to inform as many people as possible of this new service to our residents. Please contact us at 898-5891 if you have any other questions or concerns.

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