Civilian Medal of Honor Award

Zachary Page,  a 7 year old from Vandalia, was  watching cartoons on  a Saturday morning  when his grandmother fell down some stairs and called for his help.  The quick thinking first grader remembered what he had  learned at the “Passport to Safety” program that is  taught to all incoming kindergartners in the  schools by  the  Fire Department.   He called  911, and with  a strong  voice told  the dispatcher exactly what  was wrong.   Zachary calmly  told  the  dispatcher his name, the  address, and  what  the problem was in addition to answering other questions.  When the first responder, Chad Follick, Vandalia Fire Chief arrived,  Zachary met  him in  the driveway and  led him  to his fallen grandmother.

Fortunately, the grandmother was treated at the scene and did not have to go to the hospital.  Zachary was  presented with the Fire  Department’s Civilian Medal of Honor Award, and  Tuesday, February 5, 2013, was proclaimed Zachary Page day in the City of Vandalia.

image of Zach Page getting civilian medal of honor

Every year, the Vandalia Fire Division staff,  in conjunction with Butler Township,  provides “Passport to  Safety” training  to between 200 and 250 children prior to the start of their kindergarten year.  This program is taught at Demmitt Elementary, Helke Elementary, Murlin Heights, and St. Chris.   Zachary Page is an example of how helpful this program is to children who may find themselves in a  situation where they need to telephone 911.

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