Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter of the Year 2017

Anthony Miller 

Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Miller began his career with the Division of Fire as a paid-on call/part-time firefighter/EMT in 2008. In 2010, Firefighter Miller was hired as a career firefighter/paramedic/inspector. Firefighter Miller is assigned to Fire Station 2, on third platoon. Firefighter Miller assists in the coordination of the Division of Fire’s fire training and special operations (technical rescue) training programs.

Firefighter Miller’s Captain wrote in his nomination: “During the past several years, Firefighter Miller has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and an unwavering positive attitude toward both fellow firefighters, supervisors, and citizens in the community. Firefighter Miller has been called upon numerous times to “go above and beyond” his normal duty assignments. Firefighter Miller’s efforts, energy, and expertise have increased the Division of Fire’s overall capabilities. Exemplifying selflessness and a caring image that the public associates with members of the fire service, He is a highly valued member of the department and is certainly a strong and obvious candidate to consider as our Firefighter of the Year”. 

Firefighter Miller has been recognized as the Division of Fire’s EMS person of the year in 2010, the Division of Fire’s Firefighter of the Year in 2012, and a member of the Montgomery County Fire Chief’s County Firefighting Crew of the Year in 2012, for his crews “first due” actions during their response to the 2012 Halloween F1 tornado that struck Vandalia.

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