Fire Administration

The City of Vandalia’s Division of Fire’s Mission is to provide superior fire/EMS services to 15,000 residents of a 12.5 square mile city at the top of Montgomery County.  The Division of Fire provides this superior level of service from three strategically located fire stations.

The Division of Fire’s administrative team consists of the Fire Chief, a full-time Office Manager, an Assistant Fire Chief, and a command staff of three (3) full-time Captains (Shift Commanders), and one (1) part-time Captain.  Take a few minutes to get to know our administrative staff, their bios are provided below:



Chief Follick is a life-long resident of Vandalia and a graduate of Vandalia Butler High School.  His career in the fire service began as an explorer with the Division of Fire in 1987 and continued until he was hired as a paid on call firefighter/EMT in June of 1991.  Chief Follick attended and graduated from the Ohio Fire Academy in 1991 and continued his employment with the City of Vandalia while attending EMT and Paramedic training.

Chief Follick worked simultaneously as a firefighter/EMT /paramedic for the City of Vandalia and Huber Heights Fire Departments from 1991 to 1993.    He also served as a career Lieutenant with the Harrison Township Fire Department from 1993 to 2001, and as a Battalion Chief with the City of Riverside Fire Department from 2001 to 2004.  Chief Follick’s initial service as a paid on call member of the City of Vandalia’s Division of Fire from 1991 to 2004 included promotions to paid on call Lieutenant, Captain, and Assistant Chief.

On May 19, 2004, Chief Follick was hired full time by the City of Vandalia and was promoted to the position of Fire Chief.  Chief Follick holds several professional licenses and certifications that include being a registered Ohio Fire Executive.

Chief Follick has served three terms as President of the Montgomery County Fire Chief’s Association, and in 2010, he was recognized by the Vandalia-Butler Vision’s Endowment program as the 2010 Outstanding Butler High School Alumnus.



Candice Jacobs is the Division of Fire’s Office Manager. Candice is a graduate of Valley View High School in Germantown, Ohio. Candice is a certified firefighter and EMT and she served the City of Vandalia as a part-time firefighter/EMT for nine years (2006-2015). Candice left Vandalia in 2015 to purse a full-time opportunity with the Harrison Township Fire Department as their Administrative Assistance/Office Manager. Prior to her service in the public sector, Candice worked as a receiving clerk and in customer service for I Supply Company in Fairborn. Candice has also served as a firefighter/EMT with the Pleasant Hill Fire Department in Miami County.

Candice is the first person anyone calling or coming into Fire Administration gets to talk to, Candice is committed to the Division of Fire’s Mission and delivers outstanding customer service each and every day. Candice received acknowledgment from the Fire Chief as a part of our 2020 annual award for an outstanding customer contact in early 2020.

In Candice’s time off she enjoys spending time with her friends and family camping. Candice lives in Vandalia with her husband Scott and their son Gavin.

Fire Operations

We have found that the best way to ensure that we are meeting our customer’s expectations is through preparation (training). Alexander Graham Bell once said: “before anything else, preparation is the key to success”.

As in any professional sport the Division of Fire believes you “play as you practice”, therefore “practice” (or training) is essential to the success of the Mission.  The Division of Fire’s, Fire Training & Special Operations Group is charged with developing and delivering nearly 500 hours of training each year.  Employees are exposed to three (3) hours (on average) of some type of fire, EMS, or Special Operations training every week.

Special Operations are the tactics used to solve specific or technical rescues or hazards.  The Special Operations Group (SOG) is responsible for developing the Division of Fire’s rescue cache and for training our personnel in these specialized techniques.

The Division of Fire considers itself to be an all hazards “first response” organization.  Therefore we plan and prepare to respond to a wide variety of “special” hazard/rescue situations ranging from water/ice rescue, to high/low angle rope rescues, to confine space or collapse rescues, to lost person search, and/or hazardous materials problems.

The SOG plans for at least three hours of special operations training for each firefighter each month.



Captain Stitzel was hired on July 9, 2007, as the full time Fire Marshal/Captain for the Vandalia Fire Division.  Captain Stitzel was formerly a firefighter/paramedic with the City of Springfield where he was a technical rescue/hazmat technician and a fire safety inspector.  In 2010 Captain Stitzel’s was reassigned to fire/EMS operations as the Shift Commander on second platoon and in 2014 Captain Stitzel was assigned the fire and special operations responsibilities.  Captain Stitzel is responsible for fire suppression and special rescue readiness.  Captain Stitzel ensures that everyone is properly trained and equipped to handle fire suppression and special rescue situations. Captain Stitzel is also a Fire Instructor at Sinclair Community college, and he is currently enrolled in the University of Cincinnati’s Fire Science Program.



Captain Pinson has lived in Vandalia since 1991. He was hired July 18, 1991, as a paid on call firefighter. Captain Pinson became the Division of Fire’s pump/driving instructor on April 6, 1999, was promoted to paid on call Lieutenant March 1, 2002, and then promoted to paid on call Captain on October 1, 2007. Captain Pinson heads the Division of Fire’s Fire Operation’s group. The “Fire Op’s” group is responsible for conducting driver’s training, maintaining the fleet and associated equipment, which includes providing routine maintenance and annual testing of specific equipment (i.e. pumps, ladders, hose, and hydrants). The group is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Division of Fire’s three fire stations.

Each year the Vandalia Fire Division has been fortunate to be provided with buildings that are no longer habitable such as the one shown below to be used for fire training purposes. The different scenarios that can be provided during these trainings is invaluable for when the real fire presents itself. Additionally, firefighters are offered 24 trainings with the division on specified training topics annually.

Each year the Vandalia Fire Division has been fortunate to be provided with buildings that are no longer habitable to be used for fire training purposes. The different scenarios that can be provided during these trainings is invaluable for when the real fire presents itself. Additionally, firefighters are offered 24 trainings with the division on specified training topics annually.



Captain Steve Milliken is the Shift Commander on 3rd Platoon and the Captain Milliken is the Health, Safety and Support Services Captain. Captain Milliken manages the Division of Fire’s fleet and facility maintenance and all things health and safety which includes the Division of Fire’s occupational cancer education and prevention programs.

Captain Milliken is a graduate of Twin Valley South High School in West Alexandria, Ohio. Captain Milliken has multiple state and national certifications and licenses. Captain Milliken left employment in the private sector to work as a paramedic with Trotwood Rescue which eventually was absorbed by the Trotwood Fire Department in 1999. After serving at all levels of management in the Trotwood Fire Department Captain Milliken became the Fire/EMS Chief in 2011. Captain Milliken left his role as Fire Chief in Trotwood in 2017 and he joined the City of Vandalia’s Division of Fire in mid-2017.

Captain Milliken enjoys working outside on his property in Preble County and spending time with his wife and two adult daughters.

EMS Operations

The backbone of the Division of Fire’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is our customer center services delivery model.  The Division of Fire strives to provide three (3) fully staffed advanced life support (paramedic) medic units 24/7/365.  The Division of Fire prides itself on being able to provide high quality emergency medical services and taxpayer/city council support has allowed us to continue to develop our service delivery model affording us the opportunity to provide our customers with a highly trained and motivated staff supported by the latest innovations and technology.


The Division of Fire answers approximately 3200 calls for service each year, approximately 90% of these calls for service are for emergency medical services.  The Division of Fire is a customer service organization whose objectives include getting to you quickly, effectively managing your medical emergency, and getting you to a definitive care facility.  The goal is to create positive outcomes for our customers and their families.


Capt Garver

In addition to being the First Platoon Shift Commander, Captain Chad Garver is tasked with managing the Division of Fire’s EMS Operations.

Captain Garver is a life-long resident of the City of Vandalia, a 1991 graduate of Vandalia Butler High School, and he holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire and EMS Management from Sinclair Community College. Captain Garver was hired April 1, 1994, as a paid on call firefighter/EMT. Captain Garver served as a paid on call Lieutenant for a brief time prior to being hired as a full time firefighter/paramedic/inspector on January 2, 2003.

In July 2010, Captain Garver was promoted to the full time position of Captain. In this capacity Captain Garver is tasked with overseeing the Division of Fire’s Emergency Medical Services group. The EMS group plans, develops, and delivers EMS related training and assists personnel with the continuing education they need to maintain their first responder, EMS, EMT-I, and Paramedic certifications. The EMS group maintains the Division of Fire’s four medic units and all ot the supplies and equipment carried on them. Captain Garver’s specific assignments include acting as the Division of Fire’s liaison with the medical director, and maintaining the Division of Fire’s mobile EMS reporting data collection system. Captain Garver also serves the citizens of the City of Clayton as a part time firefighter/ paramedic.



Vandalia Fire Administration
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