Fire Prevention Services

Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB)
The Fire Prevention Bureau is committed to reducing fire loss, injury and death caused by fires, and to making your living experience within the city a safe one. The Fire Prevention Bureau employs many strategies to accomplish the Division’s safety goals.
Fire Safety Inspections
The Division’s Fire Prevention Bureau works year round conducting routine fire safety inspections for all business occupancies within the city. Enforcing codes established by the State of Ohio and the City of Vandalia, the bureau makes recommendations and assists occupants with fire safety and emergency action planning.

Code Enforcement
The objective of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to educate those we come in contact with before there is a problem. The intent of the fire code is to protect those that live, work, play or visit our city. The code enforcement team is committed to providing proactive enforcement of these codes by developing courteous and professional business relationships with the public, contractors, business owners and residents of the city.

Building Plan Review
A vital part of the code enforcement process is building plan review. The Fire Prevention Bureau works very closely with the City’s Building Division on all commercial building construction projects. Vandalia is proud to be a trendsetter in the State of Ohio for “one-stop-shop and coordinated inspections.”

Pre-fire Planning 
The bureau conducts annual evaluations of all business occupancies within the city putting together a pre-fire action plan to be used by the Division of Fire during emergency responses. This identification process promotes rapid identification of special hazards within a structure and allows the Division of Fire to more rapidly deploy firefighting and emergency medical resources, ultimately improving life, safety, and property conservation.

Public Education Programs
The Fire Prevention Bureau considers public education to be one of its top priorities. On average each year, the bureau reaches thousands of customers ranging in age from preschoolers to seniors.   The Division will develop a safety program that meets the needs of your group, just call 937-898-2261 Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

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Open Burn Permit
A permit is required to ensure the citizen’s safety and that of their property within the city limits.  If you do not have a commercial fire pit, you must apply for an open burn permit before holding any recreational fire on your property.  A recreational fire is for cooking purposes only, not for burning trash or brush. See the brochure for proper guidelines.

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