Youth Programs

Bicycle Registration

Image of BicycleThe Vandalia Division of Police offers free bicycle registration to the residents of Vandalia. Residents may bring their bicycles to the police department to be registered. The bicycles’ serial number, a brief description of the bicycle and the owners information are entered into the Divisions computer database. Should the bicycle ever become lost or stolen the information is readily available, to be entered in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer system. The bicycle registration program allows stolen or lost bicycles to be returned to their rightful owners.

Passport to Safety

In 1985, Vandalia police Lieutenant Jack Baber and Vandalia-Butler schools kindergarten teacher Marie McGee met to discuss an idea they had about a safety program to be taught to incoming kindergarten students of the school district. A few months after this meeting, in 1986, the Passport to Safety program was launched.The program is now taught in all the elementary schools in the Vandalia-Butler School District for incoming kindergartners. The program is held for one week each summer in the individual schools. Kindergarten classroom teachers and other community instructors teach the program.

On Monday parents attend with their children, but they do not stay in the classroom. The parents receive information about what their children will be learning the rest of the week. This is so that the parents can talk to their children about what they learned. The children are fingerprinted and introduced to their classroom. The fingerprints are sent home with the parents for safekeeping.

Tuesday is Police day. The children learn about stranger danger and they meet McGruff the crime dog. They are also shown the inside of a police car. This gives them the opportunity to turn the lights and sirens on and to see what police officers carry in their cruisers.

Wednesday is Bus day. On this day the children get to ride a school bus, after learning about bus safety. This day is always one of the children’s favorites.

Thursday is Fire day. The children learn all about fire safety. They then get to see a fire truck and an ambulance. They will also meet Sparky the FireDog.

On Friday the children graduate from the Passport to Safety program. Parents are invited to stay for the graduation. The children will play the Passport to Safety game before graduating.Passport to Safety is a coordinated effort, which involves the school district and the Vandalia Division of Police. Classes are taught by instructors from the Vandalia and Butler Township Fire Departments, Parks & Recreation water safety, Vandalia-Butler City Schools bus drivers, a local veterinarian and the Vandalia and Butler Township Police Departments. In 1986 the program won “Crime Prevention Program of the Year” award from the Ohio Crime Prevention Association. In the past, 98-99% of incoming kindergarten students have participated in the program. The Vandalia Division of Police is extremely proud of this program.

Child Fingerprinting

Image of Child FingerpaintingAt various events held throughout the year, the Vandalia Division of Police conducts child fingerprinting. There is no charge for the fingerprints. The fingerprints are given to the parents of the child for safekeeping. The fingerprinting service is available to all city of Vandalia residents and groups that may wish to sponsor a child fingerprinting session. For more information on child fingerprinting sessions please contact Officer Andy Wehner, the Vandalia Division of Police Crime Prevention Officer, at 415-2272.

Safety Patrol Liaison Activities

The Division maintains a good relationship with the Safety Patrol Coordinators at the various schools. The Division hosts the annual Safety Patrol Skate Party, which is usually held at Skateworld. Various prizes are donated by the community. The students enjoy pizza and sodas while skating.

In addition to scheduling the skate party, the Crime Prevention Officer makes numerous visits to Demmitt and Helke School’s to speak with the Safety Patrol members. The topics the officer speaks on are about how important their job is and to encourage them to do a great job.

The Division continues their support of the safety patrol program and offer assistance whenever needed.

School Crossing Guard Program

Image of Kids in the School Crossing Guard ProgramThe Division of Police oversees the school crossing guard program. The Division has four crossing guards (Jennifer Webb, Candie Trick, Joella Moore and Cheryl Watson) that work three traffic posts. The posts that the crossing guards work are located at Pool Ave/Randler Ave., Demmitt school zone and Helke school zone.

The crossing guards continue to do a wonderful job for the city and the school district.

Third Grade Seatbelt Program

The Division offers the 3rd Grade Seatbelt Program. This program is sponsored by Ohio and is intended to teach 3rd graders the importance of wearing their seatbelts. The program is presented to students attending Helke Elementary,  Demmitt Elementary and St. Christopher Catholic School.

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