The Vandalia Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 89 (centerline) miles of roadways, including U.S. 40 and the Airport Access Road, within the City limits of Vandalia. In addition to maintenance of the actual pavement surface, activities also include painting of pavement markings, traffic signal maintenance, traffic control signs, maintenance of street lighting on National Road between I-75 and Dixie Drive, snow removal, street sweeping, etc.

Snow Plow1Crews take special pride in the effectiveness of snow removal operations. During plowing operations, we continue to plow the steets until the snow is removed curb to curb. [Your help is requested and appreciated in getting parked vehicles removed from the roadways during snow storms to assist our personnel in the safe and efficient handling of snow removal operations.] Likewise, an ongoing pavement preventive maintenance program means minimum pothole damage to roadways during severe winter weather.

CLICK HERE FOR SNOW PLOW ROUTESAnother ongoing program that occurs each year with our street resurfacing program is the replacement of hazardous sections of sidewalk, deteriorated sections of curbs and gutters and installation of wheelchair ramps at intersections.

Please go to Citizen Action Line to report any problems.

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