Utility FAQs


Billing and Payment:

 When are utility bills mailed and when is payment due?

Utility bills are mailed at the end of every month and are due by the 15th of the following month. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve responsibility for payment.

 What happens when a due date falls on a weekend or holiday?

The bill is still due to our office on or before the 15th. However, when the night depository is cleared the next business day at 8 a.m., the payment is
considered on time.

 Can I make a non-coupon payment through my bank?

Yes, however, we do not receive these payments electronically. The bank’s processing center mails us a physical check, so this payment method may
take up to seven business days to reach us. We are not responsible for payments that are not received by the due date. We also offer an autopay
option that electronically debits your checking or savings account. The authorization is located in the Utility forms section by clicking above.

 Is there a penalty for paying after the 15th of the month?

A penalty of $10 is assessed for residential customers and 10% for all other customers.

 What happens if my service is shut-off?

If a bill is not paid by the final service date, your address will be scheduled for shut-off. The City assesses a $35 on/off fee for all addresses scheduled
for shut-off whether the service is disconnected or not. Payments must be made at the Municipal building before service will be reconnected. No
services will be restored after 2:30 p.m. and someone must be home to meet the City employee.

 How are secondary meters billed?

Residents whose homes have a secondary meter are only billed for their actual usage on that meter. If there is zero consumption , a zero bill will be
generated. Any usage over the next unit of water (one thousand gallons) will generate a bill. If the resident elects to have the Utilities Division turn
the secondary on/off during the non-water months, a service charge of ten dollars will be assessed per trip.

New/Discontinuing Service:

 Is there a deposit required in order to have service in my name?

The City ordinance requires a $100 deposit for a non-property owner.

 What do I do if I am moving to or from the City?

You must notify the Utility Division at (937)415-2231 to schedule a final read on your utility account, failure to move without notice will create a
delinquent account and fees, (additionally new residents must also contact the Income tax division to set up an account).

Current Customers:

 How do I check for a leak?

On the lens of your water meter, there is a built-in leak detector. It looks like a red triangle or asterisk. If it rotates while you are not using water,
then you are losing water somewhere. The most likely places for a leak are your toilets and faucets.

 What if I discover that I have a leak?

Residents are encouraged to contact a licensed plumber to discuss issues with leaks.

 What is a pool credit and how do I receive the credit?

Sewer and waste water treatment credit is available on a one time only per season to residents filling a swimming pool of at least one thousand
gallons. The customer must notify the Utilities Division prior to filling the pool at (937)415-2231, and to complete and submit the application for pool
credit. Forms are available in the Utility Forms section. Customers with pit meters and no access to read the meter must provide the Utility Division with
the pool dimensions.

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