Poplar Hill Cemetery

POPLAR HILL CEMETERY                                                                                                       South Dixie Drive


Poplar Hill Cemetery was established on October 28, 1895. It became a municipal cemetery in 1968 when the general area was annexed by the City of Vandalia. The cemetery is now maintained by the City’s Public Works and Parks Departments. The cemetery records of ownership and burials are kept on file in the Development & Engineering Services Department. Each owner will receive a Certificate of Burial Rights, issued by the City and signed by the city manager.

Upkeep is provided by the City. Only sod or grass is permitted on any lot. No trees, shrubs, plants, fences, hedges, trellises, boxes, borders or other ornaments or objects shall be placed on any lot. Artificial flowers, wreaths, etc. are permitted November 1 to April 1. Concrete foundations are required for all monuments. Those will be installed by the City for a nominal fee and will include a four inch wide border along each side of the monument base.

The rates for purchasing cemetery plots are as follows;

City Residents – $350 per grave

Non-Residents – $450 per grave

Baby Land Area – $150 per grave 

Opening and Closing Charges for Graves



(before 4 pm)


(after 4 pm)

and Saturdays

Infants (under 7 years)



Children (7 through 17 years) 



Adults (18 and older)



Ash Receptacles














Development and Engineering Services

333 J.E. Bohanan Drive

Vandalia, OH 45377



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