Ordinances & Resolutions

Ordinances Versus Resolutions - What Is the Difference?


An ordinance prescribes a permanent rule for the conducting of Vandalia government. Once enacted, an ordinance takes the effect of law. An ordinance is introduced in writing by the city attorney and is given two separate readings. After Council's approval of the first reading, a summary of the ordinance is published in the classified section of the Vandalia Drummer, including the date and time Council will conduct its second reading. 

Council's second reading includes a public hearing which gives citizens the opportunity to speak on the proposed legislation. An affirmative vote of at least four members of Council is necessary for the final passage of any ordinance. Once approved, the ordinance is again published in the newspaper and becomes effective after 21 days. The affirmative vote of at least five council members is required for the passage of emergency ordinances - measures needing immediate attention. Emergency ordinances require only one reading and becomes effective immediately.


A resolution is Council legislation of a special or temporary nature. It is also introduced in writing, requires one reading and can be enacted on a formal motion by a majority vote of council members. Resolutions take effect immediately and are published in the classified section of the Vandalia Drummer upon their passage.