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Training Ground

Subfacility of Sports Complex

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Featuring a training hill that has various angled slopes, 1,635 square feet of high quality turf that boasts two sections of pull-up bars at heights of 7 by 7 inches and 8 by 2inches as well as three plyo boxes at heights of 12 inches, 20 inches and 28 inches this training ground is ideal for TRX workouts, boot camp style classes, team work outs and a wide variety of other activities. View our Focus Vandalia Training Ground video.

Come visit the new addition to the Sports Complex, change up your regular work-out routine. The Training Ground Outdoor Fitness Area is open to the public and follows the same rules and regulations (PDF) as all of our parks.

Beginning October 1 you will be able to check out a TRX strap to use out at the Training Ground. View the agreement (PDF)!

View the Sports Complex paved path for walking, biking, skating, running map with distance markings (PDF).