Youth Programs

About the School Crossing Guard Program

Children Acting as Crossing GuardsThe Division of Police oversees the school crossing guard program. The Division has four crossing guards that work three traffic posts.

The posts that the crossing guards work are located at Pool Avenue/Randler Avenue, Demmitt school zone and Helke school zone.

The crossing guards continue to do a wonderful job for the city and the school district.

  1. Bicycle Registration
  2. Child Fingerprinting
  3. Passport to Safety
  4. Safety Patrol Liaison Activities
  5. Third Grade Seatbelt Program

About Bicycle Registration

The Vandalia Division of Police offers free bicycle registration to the residents of Vandalia. Residents may bring their bicycles to the police department to be registered.

The bicycles' serial number, a brief description of the bicycle and the owner's information are entered into the Divisions computer database. Should the bicycle ever become lost or stolen the information is readily available, to be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer system. 

The bicycle registration program allows stolen or lost bicycles to be returned to their rightful owners.