Tree City, USA

In 1976, the Tree City USA program was founded by the Arbor Day Foundation in an effort to promote a, “greener, healthier America”. The program recognizes communities that are actively working to maintain and grow their tree cover through adhering to program standards.

The City of Vandalia has earned Tree City USA status annually since 2014. Planting commemorative trees, removal and replacement of damaged trees, holding annual Arbor Day celebrations, as well as the investment of time from the community members who serve on the Park Board and Tree Commission, all contribute to Vandalia earning this distinction.

In addition to beautifying the City of Vandalia, the trees in our community provide many benefits that may not often come to mind. Trees absorb pollutants, produce oxygen, reduce energy costs, intercept stormwater runoff, and raise property values. These are just a few of the reasons that trees are valuable to our city, and why we take pride in our Tree City USA status.

Tree City USA website