Probation Department

The Probation Department conducts pre-sentence investigations, supervises probationers and Volunteer Service Program, collects restitution, and oversees a first offender Operating Vehicle Under Influence (OVI) Diversion Program, Underage Alcohol Consumption Program and the Tax Ordinance Program (TOP). The probation period may be supervised or non-reporting. All supervised probationers are assigned a Probation Officer. There is a $100 fee charged in all probation cases.

Probation is an alternative to a jail sentence. The Court may suspend a jail sentence or part of a jail sentence and place the defendant on Probation. The probation period maybe 6 months to 5 years. An offender is supervised by a Probation Officer to ensure the offender complies with all Court orders.

Probation may be supervised or non-reporting. All supervised probationers are required to sign the conditions of Probation. Supervised probationers may be required to attend regular office visits at the Vandalia Municipal Court. Failure to comply with the Probation conditions could result in the defendant’s Probation being revoked and the suspended jail sentence is reimposed.

License Intervention Program (LIP)

The License Intervention Program (LIP) is managed through the Probation Department.  This program assists individuals in obtaining a valid Ohio operator's license or driving privileges.  The individual must meet the criteria as set by the Court.

Probation and Rehabilitation Programs